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Dedicated to Religious Persecution of all kinds, committed by the Bolsheviks and Communist regimes that have plagued mankind for decades, since the time of Karl Marx.
Researching and exposing the massacres and mass human exploitation in the name of Communism.

Photos of Church Remains
Bolsheviks Persecution of the Church
Testimony and photos of remains of Church in Zinkiv, Ukraine destroyed by the Bolshevik regime in its Atheistical terror.

The Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks and their aims to seize world power and spread of Communism.

    • Stalin's Denial of the Katyn Massacre to the Roosevelt and Allies
      Stalin's letter of denial for the Katyn Massacre. According to documents released by the Soviet Union in 1992, were carried out because Beria and Stalin believed that the officers were potential enemies of the Soviet Union.

    • Katyn Massacre
      The 1940 Massacre at Katyn by Stalin and high command, against 22,000 Polish Officers. The Germans discovered the mass grave in 1943, but were blamed for the atrocity due to Allied and Soviet denials, despite Red Cross confirming Soviets were to blame.

Evils Under Communism

Marxist Gas Chambers
, 59 K
"Gas chamber at the [Marxist/Communist] KGB Headquarters in Vilnius. Under the glass panels there were items from people that perished here."
Photo Source: Trip from 2005, Liako
Marxist Gas Chambers
, 91 K

Holocaust Victims of Marxism
What it looked like on the other side of the Iron Curtain
Victims of the Third... International! You read that right. Not Third Reich victims, but "Third International" or Communist Party victims which the ADL has repetitively and consistantly denied existed. The reason many call it a "Jewish Conspiracy," is simply because many of the leading figures were ATHEIST Jews. Like Karl Marx, one suspects the ADL itself is anti-semitic, with Marx's hatred of Jews, and the ADL's silence on Communist persecution of Jews who want to practice Judaism. Communist Jews are atheistical and have no love for religion, including Judaism.

Have you heard?

Jim Jones and Jonestown - Devolution from Political Force to Revolutionary Suicide
The Peoples Temple and Jim Jones devolve in 1976 from a San Francisco political juggernaut secretly harboring designs of world communist revolution to, in 1978, a paranoid North Korean-style enclave in Jonestown. There, they negotiate with the Soviet Union, North Korea and others for a possible exodus. A Soviet delegation visits Jonestown, showering it with praise. Captured on audio, three weeks before Congressman Ryan, NBC and others visit, they vote to commit Revolutionary Suicide to further the cause of Marxist-Leninism. The day before Congressman Ryan arrives, Jones announced to Jonestown (and recorded on tape) he's not passing up the opportunity to shoot him. Two days later, they do precisely as Jones had claimed: The Temple's "Red Brigade" killed Ryan and four others. The only murder of a Congressman in the line of duty in U.S. history. Popular NBC reporter Don Harris is also murdered. Then, just as the Temple had voted three weeks before, over 900 members commit Revolutionary Suicide -- the largest death toll of American civilians in a non-natural disaster until 9-11. They die in a "White Night" -- an emergency meeting of the Temple to discuss options to prevent takeover by outside forces. Jonestown had 84 White Nights before the final one.
This video has been secured from deletion from youtube, with embedding code at this link, Rev. Jim Jones was not an evangelical Christian. He was a sworn Communist and Atheist. The original author's video on youtube has been at this link.

Jim Jones, leader of the mass suicidal "People's Temple" : "I decided how can I demonstrate my Marxism? The thought was, infiltrate the church."

Jim Jones and Jonestown - Devolution from Political Force to Revolutionary Suicide

More on the Double Standards in favor for Communists -- Why?

Hitler's anti-semitism?

Try Karl Marx' atheistical anti-semitism.

So, it is no surprise that Stalin had anti-semitic policies which had true Jews murdered.
Communism is atheistical in its nature. Marx put it upon the Jews to divorce themselves from Judaism (read below).

Further illustrating Internationalism or Communism was not a "jewish conspiracy," but an atheistical movement.

JSTOR: The Jewish Question about Marx
The author of this article argues that so narrow a reading is unfortunate, in part because Marx's anti-semitic slurs need to be challenged but also because ...

Hank Roth: Karl Marx, the Un-Jewish Jew
Marx mentions this myth as fact. Marx never changed his anti-Semitic attitude about the Jews. Knowing this, no self-respecting Jew can be a Marxist. .. "Karl Marx - Vicious Racist and Anti-Semite"
A list of products including, Karl Marx, racist, Requiem for Marx, ...
Discusses Marx's anti-Semitic Socialist predecessors, Fichte, St. Simon, Fourier, ..., Karl-Marx-Vicious-Racist-Anti-Semite

ope-l-0202: [OPE-L:6494] Re: Marx and the bible
Saul Padover wrote that this was 'Marx's anti-Semitic tag for Lassalle'. I think this is supported by the fact that in all cases when placed in context this ...

"Marx's article “On the Jewish Question” was written in 1843, at a time when the political struggle for the acquisition of civic rights by Jews in their respective countries was already well-advanced. The Jewish Question was no longer merely a question of economics, namely, whether Jews should be granted civic rights in exchange for their contribution to the commonwealth of a country. Neither was it a marginal or circumstantial issue of theoretical nature as it appears in John Locke's Letter Concerning Toleration. Starting in Europe with the French Revolution, the attainment of civic rights became the target of a protracted struggle and a turning point in Jewish history. After more than a century of heated discussions on Jews and their condition, a host of different notions was displaced by the famous term “Jewish Emancipation”, thus closing the long history of refinement and conceptual formation of the issue. Thus, in Marx's time “Jewish Emancipation” was already well-established currency in the discourse on the condition of Jews in Europe. It is in this context Marx's opinions about the Jewish Question are perplexing. Isaiah Berlin addresses Marx's account in the following vein:

“It is a dull and shallow composition, but it shows Marx in a typical mood: he was determined that the sarcasms and insults, to which some of the notable Jews of his generation, were all their lives a target, so far as he could effect it, never be used to plague him. Consequently he decided to kill the Jewish problem once and for all so far as he was concerned, declaring it to be an unreal subject, invented as a screen for other more pressing questions: a problem which offered no special difficulty, but arose from the general social chaos which demanded to be put in order (Karl Marx, p. 82)”

I agree with this verdict, and in what follows I will articulate and explain in what sense Marx killed the Jewish problem.
Marx's article was originally intended to counter the claims made by Bruno Bauer - another prominent German thinker of Jewish origin. Bauer stated that Jews could never be emancipated, because of what he called “Jewish narrowness”, in other words, their commitment to the Jewish faith, which is incompatible with the universal aspect of human emancipation. By that he meant that Jews could never be granted the rights of citizens, since they are incapable of playing any political game except their own. Neither can they possibly be granted the rights of man, for to gain them Jews must, just like other sections of society, play the same game to achieve the same goal, i.e., human emancipation. Bauer thought that the acquisition of the rights of citizens and the rights of man are interdependent (to gain the latter it is first necessary to gain rights as an equal player), and he claimed that this was the main factor that made Jewish emancipation impossible. Emancipation requires that Jews, as well any other possible target population, admit (1) their universality, i.e., that they have the same human nature as other nations, and (2) the irrelevance of their religion to their aspirations for political emancipation. Bauer thought that neither of these requirements could be satisfied in the case of the Jews, because they contradict the core beliefs imposed by Jewish religious teachings and everyday Jewish life conducted in accordance with them. Jews would never abandon the tenet of being the chosen people and drop their messianic expectations. Nor would they abandon Judaism as a system of law, and this was precisely the reason, Bauer thought, for the impossibility of liberating the Jews. “No one in Germany is politically emancipated. We are not free ourselves. How shall we liberate you? You Jews are egoists when you claim a special emancipation for yourselves as Jews.” Since Jews would never find a common denominator with non-Jews given the teachings of their history and the meanings of the core concepts held by them, they could never be emancipated. They would never accept Bauer's position that in the struggle for general freedom the wholesale elimination of religion from the political sphere and the removal of religious practices from the public sphere to that of private rights are required. In Marx's response two separate arguments are discerned. Namely, there is a counter-argument against Bauer's view and against those who spoke about the Jews' corrupted nature, which prevented them from being equal and fair players in the political contract. Regarding Bauer, Marx's dictum is this:

“It is by no means sufficient to ask: Who should emancipate and who should be emancipated? Criticism has to be concerned with a third question. It must ask: What kind of emancipation is involved and what are the underlying conditions? Criticism of political emancipation itself is primarily the final critique of the Jewish question and its true resolution into the 'universal question of the age'.” (pp. 220-221)

“Bauer asks the Jews: Have you the right to demand political emancipation from your standpoint? We ask on the contrary: Has the standpoint of political emancipation the right to demand from the Jews the abolishment of Judaism and from man the abolishment of religion?” (p. 221)

There are two separate counter-arguments advanced by Marx against Bauer's position. The first claims that the existence of religion is not incompatible with the full development of the state, and that the criteria for the acquisition of civic rights in a truly political state should not include any demands regarding one's religion. Marx takes the case of North America to buttress this point, and claims that the order of things in the political realm is far from necessary and fixed, as Bauer assumes. As Marx puts it, in those states of America where the Jewish question ceases to be treated theologically the state is foreign to all faiths and the question of political rights is no longer treated as a privilege granted to a minority group either by the good will of a monarch or by a decision of a majority defined by its commitment to a religion.

The second counter-argument deals with the general issue of human emancipation: it explains “what it is like to be humanly emancipated” and shows how human emancipation is connected to political emancipation. Starting from the bottom line of Marx's resolution of the Jewish question, his immediate message to the Jews is this:

“We thus do not say with Bauer to the Jews: You cannot be politically emancipated without emancipating yourselves from Judaism. Rather we tell them: Because you can be emancipated politically without completely and fully renouncing Judaism, political emancipation by itself is not human emancipation. If you Jews want to be politically emancipated without emancipating yourselves humanly, the incompleteness and contradiction lies not only in you but in the essence and category of political emancipation” (p. 232)

Communism and Atheism just another stupid intolerant religion...

"We must remember history, lest history repeat itself." Right?

Well, here is history repeating itself.

Marx put it upon the Jews to divorce themselves from Judaism (read below).

Starting from the bottom line of Marx's resolution of the Jewish question, his immediate message to the Jews is this:
“We thus do not say with Bauer to the Jews: You cannot be politically emancipated without emancipating yourselves from Judaism. Rather we tell them: Because you can be emancipated politically without completely and fully renouncing Judaism, political emancipation by itself is not human emancipation. If you Jews want to be politically emancipated without emancipating yourselves humanly, the incompleteness and contradiction lies not only in you but in the essence and category of political emancipation” (p. 232)

I know somebody else, who wanted to force the Jews to denounce their faith...

Alhambra decree - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hundreds of thousands of Jews eventually left Spain after the decree was issued, though many thousand more chose to convert to Christianity and remain in ...

About Isabella I of Spain
Biography of Queen Isabella I of Spain, with links and illustrations. ... That same year, all Jews in Spain who refused to convert to Christianity were ...

Out Of Spain
They begged them to convert to Christianity, or they would have to leave Spain. Don Isaac Abravanel refused to convert and left with many Jews for Italy. ...

Was Christopher Columbus Jewish
Purim is a time for celebration and retelling the story of a Queen who found ... In 1412, a law was passed in Spain depriving Jews and Moslems of the right ...

The Spanish Expulsion, 1492
Torquemada believed that as long as the Jews remained in Spain, ... Dominican priests actively encouraged Jews to convert to Christianity and thereby gain ...

David Fintz Altabe, "The Significance of 1492..."
The Edict of Expulsion signed on March 31, 1492 by Ferdinand and Isabella gave the Jews four months to convert to Christianity or leave Spain under penalty ...

True Jews who just want to practice Judaism, never had any peace.

Denial of the Obvious? Self-delusion?

And on those notes, Marx's rabid atheistical hatred of religious jews who want to practice Judaism....

Here's that article by Winston Churchill, (which the ADL and other Communist Jews, deny as "merely myth")

Winston Churchill wrote this article... it was timely, it was a fact of the revolutionary tide sweeping the globe. It was a threat to world peace, and at this time, these revolutionaries had already taken Russia by storm..
but the ADL denies it, as "merely myth". Churchill's words and the title of his article "Struggle for the soul of the Jewish People" are put into clear perspective, upon merely reading Marx' words to the Jews.

Do you deny such an obvious truth?

AUG 09 1984
August 3, 1984

Mr. David Irving
81, Duke Street, Grosvenor Square, London W.1., ENGLAND

Dear Mr. Irving:
According to Churchill's bibliographer, Frederick Woods, it looks as if Churchill is responsible for the article in the Illustrated Sunday Herald on "Zionism versus bolshevism." You will note that it was part of a series, the sort of writing commission Churchill was fond of accepting. I'm not enough of a Churchill scholar to discuss his stand on Zionism but I will drop these comments...
At this time Churchill was again closely associated with Eddie Marsh. Somewhere I read an unverified rumor that at times Eddie Marsh ghosted a Churchill article or two when Churchill was unable to meet a deadline. I wouldn't doubt that Marsh was capable of doing this. Could this piece be one of those?
You might also want to look at the ideas expressed. Are they the ideas expressed by T.E. Lawrence whose influence on Churchill could have been direct and indirect via Eddie Marsh? Because as you know Lawrence went to work for Churchill in 1921 and I'm sure they were well acquainted before that.
Just an idea.

Sincerely yours
Richard Heinzkill


"Zionism versus Bolshevism"
'A struggle for the soul of the Jewish people' - Winston Churchill
"It would almost seem as if the gospel of Christ and the gospel of Antichrist were destined to originate among the same people; and that this mystic and mysterious race had been chosen for the supreme manifestations, both of the divine and the diabolical. In violent opposition to all this sphere of Jewish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews are persecuted on account of their race. Most, if not all, of them have forsaken the faith of their forefathers, and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution, by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews, it is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews.

Winston Churchill actually meant, "...the majority of the leading figures are Atheists."

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  1. True Communism has never existed…....In the entire history of mankind, a communist state has never existed and none do right now. The USSR wasn’t communist, China isn’t, North Korea isn’t. For most people this will be a shock – but it is entirely true. In reality, what most people think of as communism is actually socialism.While some countries may claim they are communist, it is really a dictatorship or totalitarian government more than anything......With the defeat of communism the number of deaths in the world can be attributed to capitalism. Thomas Pogge of Yale University quotes a United Nations document, "Roughly one third of all human deaths, some 18 million annually, are due to poverty-related causes, easily preventable through better nutrition, safe drinking water, mosquito nets, re-hydration packs, vaccines and other medicines. This sums up to over 300 million deaths in just the 17 years since the end of the Cold War — many more than were caused by all the wars, civil wars, and government repression of the entire 20th century. ........