Expansion of Soviet Territory through Terror and War

The Bolshevik Invasions

Source: Unknown Source, this may be a snippet from "The Truth About Communism" narrated by Ronald Reagan.
Video obtained through YouTube.
Apologies for the uploader's comments maligning "Jews" for these atrocities and warmongering. In actuality, to be a member of the Communist Party one must submit themselves to Atheism. Especially the atrocities committed by such high-level ranking Communist criminals, these were Atheists. Therefore, this lie created by Atheistic rightwing socialists (nazis) has no basis in actual historical fact or communist policy. My sincerest apologies to any viewers who faithfully practice the religion Judaism. Jews were murdered in Western Europe by Socialists, and Christians were murdered in Eastern Europe/USSR by Socialists. Jews were murdered in Eastern Europe and USSR by Socialists and Christians were murdered by Socialists in Western Europe. Obviously Socialists do their Atheistic evils and genocide in the name of religion, though all sides, esp. top ranking officials are vehemently amoral and anti-religious at heart.

Communist Tactics

Source: Unknown, retrieved from YouTube

Communist Terror

Source: Unknown, retrieved from YouTube

Estonians Tortured

Source: Unknown, retrieved from YouTube

Handed Over To Communism

Source: Unknown, retrieved from YouTube,
This clip followed the ending of World War II where captive refugees whom had fled Soviet Territory were handed over to the Soviet Union by the Allied Forces. Some preferred suicide than to live under Communist tyranny.

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