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Animal Cruelty in Modern Communist China

Government regulation to prevent this kind of abuse of animals must be enacted in Communist China to end this cruelty to animals.

Rare Footage: The Axis Powers, that is the Nazis, are greeted as Liberators by Eastern Europeans.

During the military occupation of Ukraine by Nazi Germany, a number of Ukrainians initially chose to cooperate with the Nazis. Their reasons included the hopes of independence from the Soviet Union and past maltreatment by Soviet authorities. However, the absence of Ukrainian autonomy under the Nazis, mistreatment by the occupiers, and the deportation of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians as slave laborers, soon led to a rapid change in the attitude among the collaborators.
Ukrainian Collaboration with the Axis Powers

The Illegalities of the Nuremberg Trials

Video Text Source: After The Reich
In spite of the immense abuses and atrocities committed by the Nazis, Uncle Joe Stalin and the blood-soaked Communist regime set about to do things "Soviet Style". That is, justice that lacks Democratic process. I'm sure Trotsky could tell us all about it, unfortunately he's not alive any longer, thanks to a Stalin hitman and that icepick.

The title of "Criminal Number One" now goes to communist superhero Joseph Stalin!

The Holodomor, Manmade Ukrainian Famine

Source: Stalin's Lies, "Big Lies of the 20th Century"

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